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Norvo means to create the body, mind and spirit of a superhero.  We help gain control of that vessel and sync into perfect harmony with yourself.  Norvo Body Sculpting is not just about a trainer, it’s about people and revealing the potential they didn’t realize was always there.  Many people look at themselves and fail to realize that the mind, body and spirit all work synergistically.  If one element is missing the body will cease to develop and ultimately decay.  


We at Norvo Body Sculpting realize that fitness, health, and wellness all work together to make the mind, body, and spirit stronger. ❞



In 1985 I started out working with geriatric patients in a psych hospital.  Seeing their frailty I realized that their muscles were withering away.  I began to work with them to strengthen their bodies, mind and spirit.  I continue today to work in the mental health field.  I realized the mental health population had not direction and lacked self-worth.  I began empowering them, learning what was missing in their lives.  This experience made me a compassionate motivator and an effective communicator.  I began training in 1987 when I was preparing for Mr. East Coast bodybuilding competition.  I studied anatomy and physiology to fully understand how the body functions and its response to weight training.  I continued to compete in Mr. Long Island and Mr. New Jersey, both NPC-sanctioned competitions, for the next 4 years.  Ultimately, I discovered that I loved training and challenging my mind, body and spirit; and as a result, I wanted to share this knowledge to help individuals transform their bodies into the best version of themselves.   At that moment, Norvo Body Sculpting was born; using personal one-on-one training, coaching, and motivation to deliver body sculpting results.  I even train people with physical disabilities show them how to train safely within their limitations.  what I advocate in my 36 years of experience is that fitness, health, and wellness are the true core to vitality and longevity.  The importance of weight training, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning are essential to maintaining muscle life and flexibility no matter what age.


Dennis Smith and a Happy Client

Dennis Smith and a Happy Client


Taking the first step is half the battle.  I understand everyone’s situations and limitation vary from case to case; however, I have trained for the past 25 years to offer you the best personal training experience money can buy.  I am dedicated to listening to your concerns, motivating you to push beyond your limits, and help you plan and surpass those personal milestones.  Contact us today!


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