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Our body sculpting services with one of our expert personal trainers are available by appointment only.  Please contact us any time to book your private personal training session. 

We are able to train up to 2 people only during each session.  

Norvo Body Sculpting is dedicated to delivering results, guiding you during your body sculpting journey, and offering the motivational support to maintain those results.

  • Personal training in a private gym
  • Air filtered and hygienic environment
  • Comprehensive meal and supplement planning
  • access to certified trainer
  • Specialized classes and training
  • Fitness motivation



A trainer provides accountability and motivation.

A trainer provides expertise.

A trainer provides the correct form and technique.

A trainer will push you just enough.

A trainer helps you identify and reach your goals.

A trainer will personalize your workout.

A trainer can reduce the possibility of injury.

If you are not seeing results on your own.



Is This Service For Everyone? Yes. We even specialize in training dedicated individuals within physical disabilities, due to age or physical limitations, showing them how to train safely within their level well-being.


Should I Bring Any Equipment? Pack a set of comfortable workout clothes and appropriate footwear in order to safely train.


Can I bring A friend? Yes. Each session is limited to two individuals.  So call your favorite workout buddy and start sculpting your body today.  


Will Other Sessions Be Going On At The Same Time?  No.  Our sessions are uninterrupted, private, and tailored just for you.  Book an appointment with us today.

Pricing Plans


We are able to train up to 2 people only during each session.   

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