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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program with Norvo Body Sculpting.  Dennis Smith is dedicated to helping you get the results you want.  Guiding you during your body sculping workouts, and offering you the motivational support to maintain those results.

At Norvo Body Sculpting Weight Loss Program, we understand everyone’s situation and limitations vary from case to case.  Dennis Smith has trained for the past 25 years to offer you the best personal training experience money can buy.  He is dedicated to listening to your concerns, motivating you to push beyond your limits, and help you plan and surpass those personal milestones. 

Workout sessions are by Appointment Only.  Our expert personal trainers schedule your appointments in advance. You can call us any time to schedule your private personal training session.  Be aware that we can train up to 2 people only during each session. 

If you have any questions about our Body Sculping Price Plans click here to learn more. 

Norvo Body Sculpting is offering One on One of Training Sessions. These are personal private sessions at the 115 Longneck Blvd, Riverhead, NY 11901 Location.  

Norvo Body Sculpting knows that there are clients that have specific medical requirements that must be addressed for their specific training program.  We invite you to have a Professional Doctor do an assessment of your current medical needs and issues that you may have or have not discovered yet.

Therefore we are promoting Professional Doctors that specialize in Weight Loss in our area of Long Island, NY.

We encourage you to visit the following page for Dr. Maria Mikolaenko. You can learn more about her. Click Here.

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Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program -  Dennis Smith Personal Trainer


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